Fine motor skills are what we use to control the smaller muscles of the hands, and we’re using them every time we pick up an object, write on paper, open a lunch box or type on a keyboard. Fine motor skills are essential to developing an appropriate level of independence and life skills. Fine motor skills toys for toddlers are toys that promote the use of fine motor skills, toys that are appealing and engaging.

Fine motor skills should be encouraged whilst children are young toddlers, using food, games, arts and toys we can help promote the use of fine motor skills from a very young age. Fine motor skills are needed to perform many tasks in everyday life, like holding a pencil and writing words, using scissors, getting dressed and tying shoelaces.

At Teach Me How, we’ve selected a range of fun fine motor skills toys and pencil grips designed for toddlers, children and teenagers to help them practice their fine motor skills, strengthen the muscles in their fingers and thumbs, develop hand eye coordination, and encourage them to practice fine motor skills and writing with the correct grip.

Our fine motor skills toys range includes toys for toddlers and children that encourage them to practice movements that can translate to life, such as lacing games, fun felt boards, tweezers grab games, and tools to help develop their pencil grip and writing skills.



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