Inspire Me With Ideas

Inspire Me With Ideas – We have decided to share our super cool ideas and creative uses of our products here with you. Sometimes you buy a product, but have no idea how to implement it into your home environment or sensory breaks. Here we will give you some exciting ways to use items in a creative and fun way.

Send in pictures of your kids using our products and include a review, if we publish them here, we will reward you with a 15% discount off your next purchase.

Scooter Board

scooter board

scooter board

When muscles are strong and the body has good alignment, external cues are registered better and faster.
You can help your child improve their skills with something as simple as a Scooter  board.  Scooter  boards can be used to improve strength, coordination, and reflexes. 

Scooter board Shop – put items around the room or house, then give child a shopping list they have to collect all items on the shopping list and put them in a basket.

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Lacing Animals

lacing animals

Wooden Lacing Farm Animals




Create patterns of animals or colours and also sequence. Talk about the colours, the animals and where they live.

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Scooter Board

Scooter board

Scooter board and paddles



Use scooter board and paddles to scoot back and forth collecting toss bags, we are using numbered bags. Collect the toss bags to add up to 10 and put them in a bucket.

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Wooden Number Fridge Magnets

magnetic numbers

Wooden Number Fridge Magnets



We use the magnetic numbers on the white board for division and times tables.

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