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10 Wooden Dolly Pegs

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Art / Craft Supplies

Arts / crafts supplies – are great for learners of all ages. children can learn a range of skills from art and craft sessions. Their creativity is explored, fine motor skills are refined, confidence and problem-solving abilities are also improved. Furthermore, this improves their self-esteem, and you get to spend some fun time together.

Colour, different textures of materials, and also some inspiration from a parent. These can all prompt children to express themselves with real originality. Crafting sessions can also improve their schoolwork. Children who build a house from various items will better understand three-dimensional shapes. Using two circles for eyes, two lollipop sticks for arms and two for legs also introduces basic arithmetic. Following a simple set of steps, in the correct order, will teach following instructions. Crafts can also help improve their teamwork, communication and social skills.

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