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12 Jumbo Tweezers – Free Shipping


12 Set Gator Grabber Tweezers – Free Shipping


24 Set Rainbow Wooden Sensory Blocks – Free Shipping


32 Dinosaur Counters – Free Shipping


36 Set Rainbow Pebbles Includes Cards – Free Shipping


4 Set Animal Answer Buzzers – Free Shipping


4 Set Answer Buzzers – Free Shipping


4x 12 Sided Dice Set Educational Math Skills – Free Shipping


50 Set Natural Wooden Tree Blocks – Free Shipping


56 Piece Set Neopuzzle – Free Shipping


6 Colour Fractions Shapes Set – Free Shipping

$14.99 $9.99

6 Large Math Foam Dice – Free Shipping


Educational toys

Educational toys are a fantastic and also effective way to engage children’s learning. They can help develop many new skills in a fun and interactive way. Children won’t even know they are learning whilst they are playing. Toys are an interactive play that teaches us goals, rules, adaptation, problem solving and interaction.

Sometimes children will not know how to play with a toy. A great way to interact with your child is to role play and show them how to play. Following their lead is also a great way to get involved in their play. Children will love to play and engage, and they will participate in learning without even knowing it. 

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