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20 colourful Beetle Toss Bag Set – Free Shipping


4 Balance Pogo Lolo Ball – Free Shipping


5 Piece Gonge Hilltops – Free Shipping


5x Eye Ball Hi Bounce Balls – Free Shipping

$26.99 $14.99

6 Coloured Space Stations – Free Shipping


6 Colourful Foot Pods Stepping Stones – Free Shipping


6 Set Obstacle Course StepALogs – Free Shipping


Alphabet Bean Bag Set Toss Bags Game – Free Shipping


Anti Burst Swiss Ball 55cm Silver – Free Shipping


Anti Burst Swiss Ball 65cm Dark Grey – Free Shipping


Anti Burst Swiss Ball 75cm Black – Free Shipping


Antiburst Ball Chair 45cm With Legs – Free Shipping

$69.99 $50.00

Gross Motor Equipment

Gross Motor Equipment – Encourages the skills that develop through using the large muscles of the body in a coordinated and controlled way. Movement and balance are essential developmental skills for children to adults of all abilities. We have a huge range of high-quality gross motor toys and equipment at Teach Me How.

Gross Motor tools will encourage active play, increase coordination and also allow your child to have fun! Many therapists and Schools use our products and they are also a great tool to have at home too. Lots of fun ideas for indoor or outdoor play.

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