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10 Pack Little Learner™ Pupil Pockets includes Whiteboard Marker – Free Shipping


12 Jumbo Tweezers – Free Shipping


20 Express Math Game – Free Shipping

$44.99 $32.99

22 Set Number Pebbles – Free Shipping


24 Transport Math Counters Tweezer Pack – Free Shipping


32 Dinosaur Counters – Free Shipping


45 Piece Jumbo Glitter Mosaic Tiles Set – Free Shipping


4x 12 Sided Dice Set Educational Math Skills – Free Shipping


6 Colour Fractions Shapes Set – Free Shipping

$14.99 $9.99

6 Large Math Foam Dice – Free Shipping


Blue Connecting Base Ten Set – Free Shipping


Fraction Circles 51 Piece – Free Shipping


Math Tools 

Math tools  – We have great games, tools and also activities that will help with math learning. Games to better understand math concepts and also develop numerical skills are perfect for activity based learning. Children love learning through tangible and interactive items, it makes for more engaged and interested students. Great for homeschool, school and also clinics children will be keen to expand their knowledge.

Hands on learning is is the best way to teach kids of all ages, they won’t even know they are learning. Cuisenaire rods, number magnets and math counters are all fun and interactive math toys. They each have multiple uses for exciting math activities. 

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