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Scooter Boards

Scooter Boards are great used in a sitting, kneeling or lying position. Kids just love being on the scooter board it’s so much fun. Providing them with activities to do gives them a purpose and some motivation. A super fun gross motor activity to develop bi-lateral co-ordination, balance and kinesthetic awareness. Furthermore, they are ideal for developing mobility skills. We use scooter boards for heavy work sensory breaks when needed. It helps with self-regulation and to keep the body calm.

The paddles allow children to learn new ways to manoeuvre. They also help to develop and build on the upper-body strength. Strengthening their coordination skills, hand-eye coordination and also heavy work. Furthermore, using only one paddle can develop the skill crossing the midline. Used by many therapists and in Schools, they are also a great tool to have at home too.

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