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Australia’s Best Range of Therapy Toys & Chew Necklaces for Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration is the way we receive information through our senses, organise this information, and use it in everyday activities. Most children learn how to take in and process all this sensory information at the same time, as well as how to focus their attention on particular sensations while ignoring others.

Some children have difficulties receiving and also processing incoming sensations, making everyday tasks at home and at school extremely frustrating.

At Teach Me How, we provide quality sensory toys, including chew necklaces, to families, schools and therapists throughout Australia. We selected this range of sensory therapy and chew toys to be a safe, colourful and fun way to strengthen and also calm the sensory system and help autistic children and kids with movement disorders or severe under- or over-sensitivity to sensory input maintain attention and keep calm.

Sensory chew toys and oral motor therapy

Chewing is a very natural behaviour. For kids who have difficulty with processing sensory information, being able to chew on something helps them with managing sensory overload. However, compulsively chewing on clothing, fingernails, toys and other objects can cause tooth issues, and damaged clothing and belongings.

For children with special needs like oral apraxia and autism, sensory chew toys and necklaces can help develop and build the oral motor skills they need for proper speech and feeding development. Sensory chew toys and necklaces are a perfect way to encourage kids in Australia to strengthen their jaw muscles and develop the coordination, and movement they need to self-regulate their chewing, with benefits that can carry over to basic tasks like sipping and talking.

How do sensory therapy toys help children with autism?

For toddlers and children with sensory processing conditions like autism spectrum disorder, the world can often be very overwhelming. Sights, sounds and smells that we hardly notice might be a source of distraction, and in some circumstances, they can cause a lot of distress.

Sensory therapy toys and chew necklaces are designed for autistic toddlers and children to give them a way to ground themselves against sensory overload. Giving them something positive and pleasant to focus on, and satisfying the sensory input needed to help them stay calm. Some sensory tools such as chew necklaces and fidget toys can also help people with autism maintain attention in therapy sessions and in the classroom.

When choosing sensory toys for autistic toddlers and children, they will have their own unique preferences, so it’s important to try a few out and see which ones they prefer.

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At Teach Me How, we’re proud to supply families in Australia with innovative toys, games and resources to help educate and support children through play, with a focus on making our products available to children of all ages and abilities.

Teach Me How is a family run business located in Sydney, NSW, and we offer free shipping across Australia. You can reach us by calling +61 403 425 046 or by filling out the enquiry form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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