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Toys to Support Kids with Special Needs in Australia

At Teach Me How, we believe that playing is a valuable opportunity to teach important skills and build confidence, which is why we believe in making special needs toys and games accessible and affordable for families in Australia.

The right toys can have a huge impact on the development and confidence of kids with special needs, which is why we’ve selected a range that is backed up by research, and by our own experiences as parents in raising kids with special needs in Sydney.

To find out more about our diverse range of sensory and fidget toys, sensory toys and chews, emotional learning games and other resources, give us a call on +61 403 425 046.

Special needs toys can build confidence and connection  

For children with special needs, playing with toys and pretending can become a valuable teaching tool. It can give kids a chance to experience social situations before they happen, let them practise cooperating with others and help support them in managing their emotions.

Letting kids with special needs play out situations that can cause stress and anxiety, like going shopping in Sydney, or visiting the dentist, gives them a safe and fun environment to work through negative feelings.

Having special toys and games that can help fulfil the particular needs of your child and can also give you a way to connect and interact with them and provide valuable insight into their world. Join in with the activities and toys they enjoy and copy what they are doing using their special interests to encourage conversation, as well as social and imaginative play.

Some children may be less social or imaginative with their play. They may instead show interest in other objects and get enjoyment from sorting things or counting.

At the end of the day, a child with special needs might need a little support, but they also need the freedom to decide what toys to play with, and how to go about it.

We ship special needs toys from Sydney to anywhere in Australia 

Teach Me How is a family business based in Sydney, and we’ve personally selected every item listed on our website with a focus on quality and effectiveness in supporting the special needs of kids with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and anxiety.

We’re honoured to have earnt a reputation with teachers, therapists, educators and parents alike. Whether you’re looking for toys and games to build fine motor skills, sleeping aids or furniture that’s safe for kids with special needs, Teach Me How can help.

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