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Dry Erase Board & Time Timer MOD – Free Shipping


Dry Erase Board For Time Timer MOD – Free Shipping


Jumbo Digital Timer


Magnetic Time Tracker – Free Shipping


Mini Time Tracker – Free Shipping


Small Time Timer 7.5cm – Free Shipping


Time Timer MOD Extra Case Blue- Free Shipping


Time Timer MOD Extra Case Green- Free Shipping


Time Timer MOD Extra Case Pink- Free Shipping


Time Timer Plus – Free Shipping


Time Timer Twist Magnetic – Free Shipping


Time Timer Visual Timers

Time Timer Visual Timers – Teach Me How Shop is a provider of the Time Timers, they are used and also recommended by businesses, schools and therapists.  Teach Me How Shop supplies a large range of timers and also accessories to assist with daily tasks. Easing stress and helping people cope with activities and transitions. The benefit of the Time Timer is it provides the ability to judge how much time is left. Therefore you don’t have to know how to tell time. Therefore they are perfect for special needs, students, therapists and geriatric care. 

  • Use at home for morning and bedtime routines, stay on task to timing homework, instrument practice and screen use.
  • For the classroom, it’s great for everything from timing tests and turn-taking exercises to timing group activities to helping kids with special needs stay on task.
  • Use it in the office to keep track of presentations, team-building activities, and more.
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