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2x Oil Liquid Timer Pink / Purple – Free Shipping


3 Set Sensory Glitter Storm – Free Shipping


3x Liquid Oil Timer – Free Shipping

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Blue Liquid Oil Timer – Free Shipping


Class Rules Qcharm Bracelet – Free Shipping

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Communication Cards Autism Disorder – Free Shipping

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Communication Cards More Info Needed – Free Shipping

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Communication Cards Seizure Disorder – Free Shipping

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Kaleidoscope Sensory Toy – Free Shipping

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Pink Liquid Oil Timer – Free Shipping


Purple Liquid Oil Timer – Free Shipping


Wooden First Calendar – Free Shipping


Visual Aids

We all rely on visual aids throughout the day. They could be something like a watch, a food-shopping list and also a calendar. These help us to keep focused and stay on task. For people with special needs, they are even more crucial to help them to communicate and live independently as possible. Visual schedules help us to get through routines, appointments, and allow us to know what to expect.

We use visual schedules like a calendar, or to do lists on a daily basis. Schedules can similarly help children and adults with disabilities to organise and manage their day. You can easily create a visual schedule by writing a list or using pictures. Allow the child or adult with a disability to help set up the schedule. This gives them the opportunity to choose activities that will be part of his daily routine. A visual schedule will let him know what will be expected of him through the day and hence will remove some of their anxiety. The ability to make choices allows children with disabilities to exercise greater independence and increased

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