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Weighted therapy 

Schools, hospitals, clinics and families use Weighted therapy every day with great success. It can help people with Sensory Processing, Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and Restless Leg. People with mental health issues and people in crisis situations can also benefit. Light touch can be very alerting to some children and adults and can overstimulate. Therefore this will cause a difficulty with self-regulation and sensory modulation. This can result in a meltdown, shutdown or outburst of emotion.

Overstimulation can be reduced by the deep pressure received by weighted therapy. Deep pressure has a calm and organising effect on the person. Temple Grandin has even invented a Squeeze Machine based on her research of pressure and touch. Individuals who have tried this type of therapy have reported feeling safe, calm, and also grounded. Furthermore, it has provided a calm effect to lower anxiety. Will also help the coping mechanism in difficult times.

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