Special needs Toys

Special needs Toys  – So what do they mean by special needs toys? These toys are usually both educational and fun with the added purpose of developing a skill. Skills that we often take for granted. Your child may need programmed activities to develop these skills, organised by a therapist such as an Occupational Therapist. These professionals will often talk about special needs toys and how to use them to engage your child and expand their play skills.

Items such as play kitchens and doll house playsets can be classified as special needs toys. They encourage the development of so many crucial skills that children with special needs often lack. Playing with these types of toys not only improve and develop life skills but also give plenty of practice in sequencing, following directions and fine motor planning. Pretend play is particularly vital for emergent language and verbal skills. In addition to assisting physical development, pretend play also helps develop those important social skills. Pretend play takes on many forms, such as role play, puppets and playing with dolls and small world toys.

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Early childhood practitioners, parents, and carers can better support children by fully understanding the impact this type of playing can have on young, developing minds. My son was non-verbal until age 4 and we used many of these special needs toys to encourage speech and conversation cues. Whilst playing these games his communication and social awareness blossomed and his confidence improved enormously. Both engaged and also having fun which, of course, is the most important factor. We have many special needs toys in our store to help develop the skills needed to grow and also expand all our children’s capabilities.

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