Time Timer 

Does Your Child Have Difficulty With Transitions Or Having To Wait?

Our Time Timers Are So Popular Because They Work Like A Dream…

Time Timer  – We have used the Time Timer in our household for years now with great success. Visually showing the passage of time means children can be easily transitioned and therefore reducing the anxiety.
We use the Time Timer  every day from getting dressed ready for school, computer time, Xbox time and even dinner time.
Do you ever get the question ” How much longer till we eat ” we all get that one, no worries just turn the Time Timer around and they can see for themselves even the little ones.
Young children have no concept of time 10mins might as well be all day to them, with the Time Timer we are able to show exactly what 10mins looks like. It’s just that simple!
The Time Timer is the perfect visual answer. It helps children feel more in control by helping them organise their environment to know when change is coming up. By using this visual aid you can reduce the confusion and unpredictability some children feel when their environment and instructions change.
Your child can gain more flexibility in their thinking by knowing when  is running out and therefore reduce behavioural problems when the change happens. Kids see that time is running out as the ‘red’ disappears.

Tips for using a Time Timer

Break tasks down into small achievable tasks, using a Time Timer to set a specific time for each task.
Use to help transition from one activity to another.
Time timers are great for letting children know how long they have to wait.
Use to self monitor and also move from one task to another without prompting, increase their independence.
Use the Time Timer for hygiene, how long to have a shower, wash hands or brush teeth.
The Time Timer is also perfect for bedtime routines.
The Time Timer is a tested and trusted brand, it’s the preferred time management resource for teachers and other professionals. Don’t settle for lower quality imitations.
Our New Time Timers
Time Timer Twist Magnetic – The 90-minute TWIST® is an easy-to-use time management tool great for kids and also adults. To use, simply turn the outer ring until you get to your desired time, then push the play button. A digital display shows at a glance how much time remains. Furthermore, a magnetic back makes the TWIST® a snap to display.
Dry Erase Board & Time Timer MOD – The Time Timer MOD® is a 60-minute visual timer that has the style and durability of the Time Timer PLUS® in a size that’s portable and easy to use anywhere—from your office desk to the kitchen counter. The Time Timer® Dry Erase Board accessory is an activity and message centre for office, home and school. It is perfect for time-sensitive messages and keeps schedules on time. The Time Timer Dry Erase Board is an accessory for the Time Timer MOD®

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