Our blankets are hand-made mostly in WA by our supplier, she outsource’s some of the sewing but she still fills, finishes and pack’s most of them herself, still after 13 years in business.  These blankets are supplied to many organisations hospitals, schools and clinics with great success. There are many parts to the blanket being complete, and they are made with high quality materials that are long lasting and toxic free. Because this is a specialised product it is developed with the guidance of an Occupational Therapist that specialises in the sensory processing and sensor defensiveness areas.

These blankets are made to last, double sewn for strength, with fully removable covers. ( the whole blanket is fully machine washable and includes a washbag. )I still have our first blanket from over 7 years ago, this means you can pass them down to someone else or re-sell them to buy your next one.

This product has been granted an Innovation Patent. Number: 2008100762.

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